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Earthly Body Body Moisturizer

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Naturally-Derived Ingredients

Cruelty-Free & 100% Vegan

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Our Ingredients

We use 100% Organic Hemp Seed Oil in all of our products. Hemp Seed Oil contains the highest level of EFAs of all natural oils, which provide nourishing protection to the skin, while the high moisture content helps to repair and soften damaged skin cells.


Once a well kept secret of Moroccan Women, Argan Oil revitalizes dull, dry skin for a youthful glow. Argan Oil naturally strengthens protein structures to moisturize and tighten skin, while helping to prevent stretch marks and wrinkles.


This regenerating oil is another natural powerhouse. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and contains high levels of Sterolins. These protect circulating white blood cells to prevent and restore the appearance of “dark spots” on the skin.


The anti-aging and anti-wrinkle elements found in coconut oil are due to its high level of magnesium, blended with lower levels of calcium. This combination creates a rich, smoothing oil that helps to reduce signs of the skin’s natural aging.


Jojoba oil contains a soothing wax ester that is similar to the natural oils found within the body. By mimicking these oils, the body is able to absorb moisture from Jojoba Oil quickly and effectively to soften and smooth all skin types.


This nutritious oil contains high levels of antioxidants and is rich in Vitamins A, C, and E to improve the overall appearance and health of the skin.


Soybean Oil contains large amounts of protein and calcium, which rejuvenates and promotes longevity of youthful skin. High lipid levels within the oil allow for fast absorption and deep penetration of the strengthening vitamins.


Vitamin E’s high lipid content allows the oil to absorb quickly for deep, repairing penetration. Rich in antioxidants, this nourishing oil acts as a natural healant to help mend damaged skin cells and minimize the appearance of blemishes on the epidermis level (i.e. scars, discoloring, bruises).


Our Products

Summer Sale: 20% OFF with code FeelBetter20

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Miracle Oil Tea Tree Cream


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Customer Reviews

  • Clean Body Moisturizer | Velvet Lotion

    MKS eco Velvet Lotion

    I love the lotion. The smell and the texture are decadent.

  • Clean Body Moisturizer | Skin Butter

    Hemp Seed Skin Butter

    Moroccan Nights skin butter is hands down my #1 favorite product. I love the way it softens my skin. I use it nightly on my feet, legs, arms and shoulder. It relaxes me and makes me feel pampered. The scent is just wonderful! I can’t get enough!


  • Clean Body Moisturizer | Hemp Seed Hand and Body Lotion

    Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion

    5 stars aren’t enough This! This stuff is f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. amazing. That’s actually an understatement! They absolutely NAILED the Nag Champa scent without it being too perfumy or repulsively strong! This is the perfect amount of scent. I put this on in the morning before my day starts and every day I get complimented on how good I smell or that I smell like incense which is a cool compliment if you ask me 😎 not to mention boy does my skin feel extremely hydrated from this lotion, it doesn’t leave a greasy oily feel as most lotions do. I couldn’t recommend this enough, it’s definitely a game-changer and you have a customer for life! Lol you guys rock!

    Sara Bishop

  • Clean Body Moisturizer | Hemp Seed Hand and Body Lotion

    MKS eco Velvet Lotion

    I have used this in a smaller size and was very pleased with the scent of the lotion and the feel of your hands. Would highly recommend this product.

    Judity A Renfrow

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