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Recent Reviews

  • Natalie Jefferson

    This is amazing!!!!!!! It is my go too for pain. You must make in a larger container.

  • LE

    Great stuff! Takes away the pain

  • Debbie Hernandez

    I’ve lived in Colorado for 23 years and it is so dry here! First lip balm I’ve used that I didn’t have to continuously reapply. I love everything about it. The moisture is incredible.


    I’m so glad there’s finally a body spray of this scent (Morrocan Nights) ! I haven’t found another spray or perfume I love as much as this one.

  • Marie Jones

    I purchased a tin of this CBD cream from my hairdresser for arthritis in my neck, hands, back and hips. It is exceptionally good, stopping pain within a minute or so after rubbing it in, helping me to sleep at night. I also enjoy the luxurious feel of my skin after using it. If she stops carrying it, I will buy directly from this site. This works as well as BioFreeze, but has a nice scent and leaves skin silky smooth.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    History of Earthly Body

    Earthly Body is a family-owned and run company with strong values and a deep commitment to doing good. Co-founders Kevin and Mare Wachs started Earthly Body with a mission – to create high quality, naturally-derived personal care products that are kind to the environment, to people, and to animals. It's something that continues to be on the forefront of everything we do, from our products, to the way we make them, to what’s in them, and to how we give back to the community. We like to call it "Walking the Talk."

    Natural Ingredients

    We are pioneers and experts in using naturally-derived CBD and hemp oil for skin and hair health throughout our brand range of products. This, combined with other beneficial botanical ingredients, allows us to deliver optimal results – healthy, glowing skin and hair with natural fragrances that delight the senses.

    Giving Back

    Earthly Body co-founders and philanthropists Kevin and Mare Wachs started the nonprofit Get Together Foundation (GTF) in 2004 as a means of giving back to the community and sharing their good fortune with those in need.

    Global Presence

    Earthly Body can be found in salons in 35 countries around the world.


    Available in Canada