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Original Strength CBD Daily Intensive Cream

Our CBD Daily Intensive Cream offers immediate intense therapeutic relief and soothing sensation when applied to the targeted area. Its thick, creamy formula, packed with 100% natural Hemp and enriched with powerful essential oils such as Lavender Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Aloe Vera deeply moisturizes, nourishes the skin and delivers an impressive soothing sensation. The use of high-quality, 100% natural Vegan ingredients has made our Intensive Cream widely popular among professional athletes, massage therapists, outdoors enthusiasts, and others who suffer from long-time discomforts, especially in their neck, back, joints, and muscles.

CBD Daily Shampoo

Great hair starts at the roots. Our CBD Daily Shampoo is specially formulated with a unique blend of Hemp CBD, Argan, and other essential oils that cleanse hydrate, and nourish the dry scalp to give your hair the healthy foundation it needs. It’s also sulfate-free and safe for color-treated hair.

CBD Daily Conditioner

Our CBD Conditioner is a great companion to our Daily Shampoo. It’s carefully crafted with a mix of nature-based ingredients and oils that retain moisture for ultimate frizz-free manageability and shine. While our CBD Daily Shampoo soothes and cleanses scalp and hair, our Conditioner focuses on enriching your hair with a nourishing mix of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that give you those good hair days that’ll come by a lot more often with these in hand.

CBD Daily Active Spray

Get immediate intensive therapeutic relief to joints & muscles on the go with our CBD active spray. With 60 mg pure hemp-derived high-potency THC-free CBD packed in a compact 2 oz bottle, our active spray is the most effective and most convenient topical spray for people who live an active lifestyle. It absorbs fast and works deep in the muscles to provide instant soothing relief.

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