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How To Do A CBD Manicure Pedicure At Home

Date: July 16, 2021

How about you take some time off to unwind and pamper yourself with a luxurious mani-pedi this weekend? Sounds fun, right?! We suggest trying out the latest trendy CBD manicure and pedicure within the comfort of your home!

We want to see your hands and feet glowing with panache, but we also want you to stay home to stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. So follow this guide and save tons of money by learning to do a CBD pedicure and manicure for yourself or your next girls’ night in!

Step #1 – Set Up Time!

You will need a few handy items to make this an immersive CBD salon experience. Fill a bowl or foot basin with warm water, and till then, keep all the items you may need within reach of the space you’re setting up so that nothing disrupts your exclusive, self-pampering me-time.

You might need to grab a couple of clean, dry towels, CBD bath bombs, CBD massage candles, CBD lotion, CBD massage oil, and your nail polish of the color that is likely to spruce up your day. Now soak in your feet in the relaxing, fuzzy yet soothing warm water for a few minutes. Finally, don’t forget to light up a CBD massage candle of your favorite mint or lavender scent to enjoy the spa-like experience at home!

Step #2 – Get Started On Your Hands!

While your feet are soaking up the goodness of CBD oils, lather your hands with a non-greasy, CBD Daily massage lotion and rub it into circular motions for a good, beneficial massage. The coconut and minty smell of the CBD massage lotion is so intriguing and relaxing that it will transport your mind into a tropical destination. Next, gently massage your hands and arms while slowly reaching up to your elbows; don’t forget to moisturize your cuticles well! Once the CBD lotion or CBD body moisturizer is completely absorbed, move to the next step.

Feet soaked in warm water

Step #3 – Time For A Leg Massage!

When you feel the water has cooled down, slowly remove your feet and place them on the towel to dry them off completely. Use the freshly melted CBD-infused oil from your massage candle or use a dime-sized drop of CBD massage oil and start massaging your legs. Continue to blend it well into your skin until it gets completely absorbed, and you feel like the tension built-up has been released from the massage.

Step #4 – Nail It!

Nourish the cuticles of your hands and nails with CBD Daily Ultra Care Cuticle Oil to get rid of any dry, brittle nails or dehydrated areas around the nail bed. Next, grab your tools and start carefully trimming your nails into your desired shape and length. File them, smooth out any rough edges and let them dry completely. Now is the time to color them with your favorite nail polish to make your hands and feet no less than chic!

Nail polish

Experts suggest finishing the mani-pedi session by adding a drop of soothing CBD serum to your palm and gently rubbing it on your hands and feet as a finishing touch to lock in all the goodness of CBD and revive their softness and beauty!

That’s how easy it is to pamper yourself with the best CBD manicure pedicure that will make you feel incredibly relaxed and your hands and feet on fleek!

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