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Hemp Seed Hand Body Lotion Nag Champa 16 oz

Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion Nag Champa Scent 16 oz


Quench thirsty skin while restoring elasticity and flexibility with our Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion. This non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and contains an ultra-moisturizing, nutrient-rich blend of Hemp Seed Oil and Argan Oil, leaving skin healthy, radiant, and silky smooth.

Key Benefits:

  • Locks in moisture for a more youthful look
  • Nourishes and protects the skin
  • Soothes and calms sensitive skin
  • Smooths out rough patches and dryness


Our Hemp Seed Hand and Body Lotion (Nag Champa scent) works to soothe dry and rough patches of skin anywhere. In convenient packaging that can be left in the car, a bag, or next to your favorite hand wash, your hands and body will never have to feel parched again. Hemp Seed Hand and Body Lotion (Nag Champa scent) is packed with natural, high quality oils and extracts that all work together to protect and nourish your skin and keep it looking healthy and youthful. Our light, non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into the skin so you don’t have to experience any residue left behind and can just enjoy a glowing look. Check out some other interesting scents we have to offer here.

About Nag Champa Scent

This Hemp Seed Hand and Body Lotion comes with the unique scent that smells like East Indian Incense.

Giving Back

As part of our commitment to the planet, our natural hair care products are 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and made in a solar-powered facility in California. A percentage of every sale is donated to the nonprofit, Get Together Foundation, to help further their efforts in helping the homeless community and doing their part to help make the world a better place.

The Benefits of Hemp Oil Body Lotion

A result of cold-pressing hemp seeds, Hemp Seed Oil, or often referred to as “hemp oil”, boasts several benefits when applied to skin, including excellent ability to moisturize and soothe. Additionally, hemp oil has anti-aging properties and is said to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Hemp Oil Body Lotion is no doubt a great addition to your daily self-care routine.


  • Customer Profile Photo

    Sara Bishop
    (verified owner)

    5 starts isn’t enough This! This stuff is f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. amazing. That’s actually an understatement! They absolutely NAILED the Nag Champa scent without it being too perfumy or repulisvely strong! This is the perfect amount of scent. I put this on in the morning before my day starts and everyday I get complimented on how good I smell or that I smell like incense which is a cool compliment if you ask me 😎 not to mention boy does my skin feel extremely hydrated from this lotion, it doesn’t leave a greasy oily feel like most lotions do. I couldn’t recommend this enough, it’s definitely a game change and you have a customer for life! Lol you guys rock!

  • Customer Profile Photo

    Lori Bloomer
    (verified owner)

    I received this as a gift. It is amazing! The Nag Champa scent is great! The quality of the lotion is very good. I will be using this daily!

  • Customer Profile Photo

    (verified owner)

    Exotic smelling. Exactly like the Nag Champa incense. I get tons of compliments all of the time when I wear this scent. Excellent lotion quality as well. Highly recommend this product and scent.

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