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4 Signs of an Eco-Friendly Brand You Should Know

Date: May 31, 2021

We’re currently living in an era of incredibly well-informed consumer groups. Influential journalism, social media platforms with watchdog groups, and liberal arts curriculum have played an essential role in bringing new awareness to issues related to the environment and how they affect our planet. In other words, today, the public has started taking accountability for their actions against the environment.

As a result, a massive number of brands are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. While it’s common for most brands to call themselves sustainable, it takes a lot for a company to be truly eco-friendly.


If you’re wondering whether a brand engages in sustainable practices, here are some signs you should look for.

The Company’s Claims

The first sign to look for is assessing a company’s claims about its product. Green advertising is an integral part of attracting environmentally-conscious consumers. You’re most likely to find a company’s sustainability claims on the product packaging, website, or digital advertisement.

However, some sustainability claims aren’t enough. You should always go for detailed and specific claims instead of trusting broad statements like “all-natural” or “green”. A genuinely sustainable brand will ensure its consumers know what they do to make their products environmentally friendly.

Look for statements that mention the source of raw material extraction, cruelty-free testing, and recycled processing.

a recycling sign on a phone

Green Certifications

An excellent way to determine whether a brand is eco-friendly is by checking its certifications. Most brands with sustainable placements have formal recognition from third-party organizations that promote sustainability.

Go over the company’s website or study the product label to look for green certifications. A standard certification among most eco-friendly brands is Energy Star, which proves the company’s energy efficiency. Other authorizations include the USDA Organic Seal to verify organic products, the Green Seal for overall sustainable practices, and the Forest Stewardship Council approval for the safe use of trees and forests.

Sustainable Procurement

It’s critical to focus on aspects beyond a company’s claims, certification, and advertising to determine whether its practices are eco-friendly. The ideal way to do so is to inquire whether the brand engages in Environmentally Preferable Purchasing or Green procurement. It refers to a business practice in which a company’s products or services have a reduced effect on the environment than other similar products by other competitor brands.

According to research, companies that invest in an environmentally friendly procurement process play an instrumental role in eliminating global waste, reducing environmental impact, and lowering production costs. In fact, green procurement has proven to be the ideal method of improving a company’s environmental performance because it simultaneously addresses social regeneration and economic and ethical concerns.

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