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3 Benefits of Hemp Lotion

Date: October 1, 2021

As winter approaches, skin moisturization gradually becomes, like always, the topic of the season. Hemp moisturizer, for its excellent ability to moisturize and nourish, is a must-have to quench the thirst in your skin. Today we’ll cover 7 benefits that make hemp seed oil lotion the best body moisturizer to add to your winter skincare routine. 

1- Natural source of vitamins and minerals for supple skin 

When it comes to the reason for dry skin, many believe it’s due to external factors, for example, lack of moisture in the air. In winter, when the outside temperature drops and the general humidity level decreases, the dry and cold air sucks the moisture out of our skin a lot faster. This “moisture exchange process” ends up leaving your skin feeling tight and looking flaky. That’s why we feel it is imperative to keep our skin hydrated especially during harsh winter times. 

For years, cosmetic brands have worked hard to create products that claim to “lockdown” the moisture on the skin. What these brands fail to recognize is the root cause of the moisture loss. According to Shari Marchbein, MD, a New York board-certified dermatologist, the lack of healthy fats in the top layer of our skin is what disables our skin from protecting the water molecules from escaping to the dry air. 

This is how hemp seed oil-based hemp moisturizer sets itself apart from the other skin lotions. Instead of creating a barrier for your skin, hemp seed oil lotion supplies your skin with natural fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 that are easy to be absorbed. The increased level of healthy fats then works its magic to trap moisture from escaping into the dry air. As a result, supple, healthy and radiant-looking skin is restored. Aside from the “good fats”, hemp seed oil also contains all 9 essential amino acids that our body needs to create proteins, adding extra benefits to maintain great skin health. 

One thing to keep in mind is that different hemp body moisturizers come with slightly different effective duration ranges. For example, our Hemp Seed Skin Butter is a more intense body moisturizer than the Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion

2- Natural remedy for skin irritation and itching 

Most of the time, the skin dryness we experience only causes slight discomfort to the skin, and possibly a headache in us trying to figure out what’s going on. That’s unless the condition has developed into skin irritation or excessive itching. Hemp seed oil lotion not only excels as a body moisturizer but is also good at calming irritated skin. This is because Hemp Lotion is a lot easier to be absorbed than other skin lotions or oils. The more balanced your skin’s moisture level is, the less likely your skin is prone to irritation and itching. 

3 – 100% THC-Free  

Research suggests that 58% of Americans don’t understand the difference between CBD and THC. The same research also found out that even the usage of CBD products does not necessarily increase people’s awareness of the difference between the Hemp plants’ psychoactive (THC) and non-psychoactive chemical compounds. This confusion extends further to all Hemp-concepted products including Hemp Lotion, which is made of naturally extracted Hemp Seed Oil. 

In fact, the hemp seed oil is usually extracted from the, like its name suggests, seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil normally contains zero or neglectable amounts of THC. It has been legalized and widely used in different industries to make, for example, ropes and clothes, long before the craze about legalizing CBD or Marijuana took over the headlines. In general, it is completely safe to use Hemp lotion without worrying about the drug test. 

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