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3 Benefits of a CBD Massage

Date: October 11, 2021

We live in a stressful time. Many have resorted to more frequent, more enhanced massage sessions to deal with the omnipresent pressure. Whether it’s from a luxury establishment, a humble local spot in the neighborhood, or a customized home spa, people are expecting more from their precious relaxation time. A CBD Massage might just be what you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn the 3 most outstanding benefits of a CBD massage. 

Provide instant soothing relief to assist post-workout recovery 

As we know, CBD is known for its calming effects that are used to help soothe strained muscles, back, neck, etc. Most people take CBD internally. They consume CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, or even use them as a dietary supplement. This approach may do good to your overall health in the long run, however, it does take some time for CBD to take effect in your body due to the overall digestion process. For someone who wants an instant recovery from tense workout sessions, a CBD topical is a must-have. 

CBD Massage Oil, CBD Massage Lotion, and CBD Massage Candle are all CBD topicals. By massaging them directly into your skin,  the high-potency natural hemp-derived CBD is able to reach the deepest tissue of your muscle as fast as possible. Nothing can compare to CBD in terms of providing intense, instant therapeutic relief during a massage session. 

Increase skin moisturization with the additional essential oils

CBD is a natural chemical found in the hemp plant. To use CBD in cosmetic or personal care products requires necessary carrying agents in the forms of oil or alcohol. CBD Massage Oil, Massage Lotion, and Massage Candle all contain a unique slew of specifically picked essential oils that greatly enrich the formula. These essential oils, with their exceedingly rich content of Omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E, offer the perfect slide during the massage session, effortlessly carry the CBD to the targeted area, and provide lasting moisturized skin that looks radiant long after the massage session is over. 

Different brands take on different essential oils to focus on different aspects of skin moisturization. For example, the CBD Daily Massage Oil packs ultra-moisturizing Hemp Seed Oil, sunburn protecting Sweet Almond Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil that’s full of antioxidants. This powerful blend of essential oils is rich and non-greasy. It’s designed to bring your massage experience to a whole new level. 

Enhance the relaxation with uplifting naturally-inspired fragrance

We humans have been using fragrances to heal minds and bodies for centuries. Most ancient civilizations have some form of holistic healing treatment that uses a variety of plants to emit calming smells. This long history of using fragrances to improve our physical and mental state is the very foundation of popular Aromatherapy today. 

CBD Daily CBD Massage products come with two naturally inspired fragrances: classic mint and soothing lavender. The classic mint fragrance provides a strong instant relief to troubled muscles such as the neck and back. The lavender fragrance, on the other hand, is more gentle and nourishing. It greatly improves the overall massage experience.

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