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CBD Cream Shopping Guide 2021

Date: October 15, 2021

In 2018, The passing of the farm bill, which legalized hemp production in the U.S. ushered the entire Hemp CBD industry into a new era, an era marked by the quick rise and fall of products and brands. According to reports published by New Frontier Data on May 26, 2021, only 49% of the CBD consumers in the U.S. have a preferred brand. From THC-free to Delta-8, to CBD massage essentials and CBD aromatherapy, consumers are more accepting of diverse CBD products. One topical CBD product though has gained a popularity that hasn’t wilted over the years. As one of the most common topical CBD products, CBD Cream is the most well-known CBD product that provides powerful benefits to its consumer. Many choose CBD cream as the starting point to enter the CBD world. 

The recent global pandemic has led to the rise of consumer sales for topical CBD products across many CBD brands. Choosing the right CBD cream that fits one’s specific wellbeing needs has become increasingly difficult. Today we’re going to provide a CBD Cream shopping guide with practical tips and must-know information. 

What is CBD cream 

CBD Cream is a type of topical cream that contains Cannabidiol (CBD) as one of its key ingredients. For example, CBD Daily Intensive Cream includes a wide range of CBD levels, ranging from 288 mg to 600 mg 100% hemp-derived THC-free high-potency CBD. 

What is CBD cream used for

What CBD cream is used for varies from brand to brand. Although CBD should be the most important active ingredient in all topical CBD cream, most brands add various supplementary ingredients to the formula for different health benefits. For example, CBD Daily Intensive Cream often uses Hemp Seed Oil as the agent to carry CBD, and Lavender Oil for an extra layer of soothing sensation and for its relaxing scent, as well as Shea Butter for additional moisturization. 

The majority of CBD Cream available on the market today gears towards some form of pain management. So, does CBD Cream work for pain? You may ask. Well, this is a complicated question. First of all, CBD cream for pain remains a grey area in regulation. As a consumer, you need to be aware that all pain management claims made by brands are completely arbitrary. There are a lot of studies suggesting CBD’s various health benefits, most noticeably, its anti-inflammatory ability. However, there is no official endorsement of CBD cream for pain. about the claimed benefits when pure CBD is made into a topical CBD Cream product. 

Despite the lack of regulation and references, consumers do use CBD topical for pain relief, including back pain, joint pain, and arthritis. As we eagerly wait for FDA to come up with fair guidance, the best way a consumer can research a specific CBD cream’s usage might be by reading other consumers’ CBD cream reviews

How long does CBD cream last  

A new CBD topical cream user may want to know just how long CBD cream lasts in their system. According to Healthline, the length of time of the overall effect of CBD is between 2 – 6 hours. This is just an average number. In the CBD cream reviews left by our real consumers, many use CBD topical cream before they go to bed and can still feel the relief well into the next morning. 

If you want to keep CBD in your system longer, choose a stronger dose and use it more frequently. For instance, CBD Daily’s Ultimate Cream consists of 600 mg high-potency 100% natural CBD in a compact 5 oz jar. This high concentration prolongs the intense therapeutic relief even longer.

How to use CBD cream

As a topical cream, CBD cream is easy to apply to targeted areas and quickly absorbs into your skin. Typically, the effect of CBD can be felt in 10 – 20 minutes. Our thick, luxurious CBD topical cream offers instant intense therapeutic relief and leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished due to the essential oils added into the formula. There is no greasy residue or mess left behind so you can move on with your day right after applying. 

Where to buy CBD cream 

It’s easy to purchase CBD cream today, especially with the expansion of online retailers. According to Natural Products Insider, the CBD industry has “tripled down on e-commerce in 2020”, partially fueled by the global pandemic. Make sure you read plenty of customer reviews before you settle on one brand. If you’d like to find an offline retailer to see and feel the product before you commit, you can easily find a store that carries the brand you like from an online store locator. Major pharmacies such as CVS also carry a limited number of CBD creams now. 

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