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5 Best Massage Lotions of 2022

Date: November 15, 2021

As we approach the busy end-of-the-year season, a cozy home spa might be one of the easiest ways to relax our exhausted minds and body. You’d be surprised how much a simple addition of a good quality massage lotion could lift your self-care or couple massage therapy experience. Here we rounded up the 5 best massage lotions Earthly Body offers. Hopefully, you can embark on the new journey of 2022 with a rejuvenated mind and body. 

CBD Daily Massage Lotion 

If you’re experiencing discomfort in your neck or back, you may be looking for a massage that can potentially relieve some of the discomforts. Look no further than CBD Daily Massage Lotion. Coming in 2 convenient sizes, this massage lotion is packed with up to 240 mg 100% hemp-derived high-potency CBD. You can easily fit it in a backpack, or handbag. This organic massage lotion provides a perfect slip and penetrates deep into the skin to thoroughly soothe, relax, & refresh your body and mind. The naturally-inspired mint scent gives an extra layer of rejuvenating sensation. Unlike other massage lotions, CBD Daily Massage Lotion’s non-greasy formula leaves no residue in sight. It is the best massage lotion after a long workout.     

Hemp Seed Massage Lotion – Skinny Dip 

Unlike the CBD Daily Massage Lotion designed to unleash the maximum effects of CBD, Hemp Seed Massage Lotion is a more conventional massage lotion. It is infused with ultra-moisturizing essential oils such as Hemp Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Argan Oil, and other natural ingredients such as orange peel and ginseng extracts. All the natural ingredients absorb slowly and deeply into your skin and muscles. It provides an easy massage with a bit of luxury. It nourishes your skin during the massage and leaves no residue after it. Hemp Seed Massage Lotion comes with a wide range of naturally inspired creative fragrances. For example, the best-selling Skinny Dip scent smells like vanilla and cotton candy.  

Hemp Seed Massage Lotion – Lavender

Next on our list is the Hemp Seed Massage Lotion – Lavender scent. This hemp massage lotion glides easily on your skin. It is ideal for self-care massages as well as couple massages. Packed with natural Hemp Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Argan Oil, and more, the hemp seed massage lotion deeply moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. Adding to the level of luxury, hemp seed massage lotion comes with a soothing lavender scent to offer an additional soothing sensation. This massage lotion is designed to transport you to the paradise of relaxation. The 2 oz convenient bottle is priced at a very friendly price of $4.99. 

Hemp Seed Massage Lotion – Naked In The Woods 

Every massage deserves a bit of luxury and fun. If you’re an adventurous type and not afraid of trying new things, take a look at our Hemp Seed Massage Lotion Naked In The Woods scent. Same as the other hemp massage lotion on our list, this hemp body lotion is packed with high-quality natural oils and extracts to easily glide and nourish the skin as it is worked into the body for a deep massage. The non-greasy formula gives just enough slip without leaving behind any sticky residue. The fun, creative Naked In The Woods scent smells like white tea and ginger. It is designed to bring out a sensation as if your bare skin is touching the beautiful nature itself.  

Hemp Seed Massage Lotion – Guavalava 

The last one on our list is Hemp Seed Massage Lotion – Guavalava scent. This massage lotion is designed to transport you to a paradise with its smooth, gliding texture. With the inviting scent of guava and blackberry and satin feel, this moisturizing massage lotion elevates any massage into an oasis so your body and mind can feel refreshed. The Hemp Seed Massage Lotion Guavalava scent comes in 2 sizes. The 2 oz bottle is compact and easy to carry in any backpack or handbag size.

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