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Best Massage Oils for Relaxation

Date: October 29, 2021

Mankind has been using massage therapy for body relaxation for thousands of years. Science and practice have proven the top 5 health benefits of regular massage therapy. Regular massage therapy is believed to be able to “lower stress, increase immune function, boost mental health and wellness, manage pain, and improve physical fitness.” Ancient cultures, such as Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese, developed different techniques to enhance the massage experience rooted in herbal medicine, in the hope of harnessing the healing power of nature. A modern twist of this century’s oil tradition is the rise in popularity of naturally derived massage oils. 

Using naturally derived massage oils brings the level of relaxation to a new level as well as restores damaged skin cells, and increases hydration after a prolonged massage session. Most massage oils incorporate additional beneficial ingredients such as essential oils to the formula, which calms the senses and melts away pain and tension. Today we’re going to introduce a few naturally derived massage oils for relaxation that reaps the benefits of a luxurious spa visit with only a portion of the cost.  

CBD Massage Oil 

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. Today, it’s one of the hottest natural ingredients being introduced into skincare and body care products for its excellent ability to calm, relax, and soothe. The calming and anti-inflammatory effects of natural CBD make it a perfect add-on to traditional massage oils that are designed to enhance the same effects during massage therapy. 

The CBD Daily Massage Oil is one of the most reliable massage oils in this category. It’s formulated with 100 mg high-potency 100% hemp-derived CBD in a compact 4 oz bottle to be carried around easily. Whether you’re massaging your own shoulders or using it as a massage oil for couples, the CBD Daily Massage Oil is guaranteed to offer you a well-deserved home spa experience. Additionally, the CBD Daily Massage Oil is infused with ultra-moisturizing essential oils such as Hemp Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil, making it particularly great to use on sensitive and dry skin. CBD Massage Oil is priced at an affordable $24.99 online. 

Hemp Seed Massage Oil 

If you have heard of the many benefits of the Hemp plant but are worried about the possible side effects of THC, then hemp oil, instead of CBD oil, maybe a safer choice for you to include in your daily self-care routine. Extracted from seeds of the hemp plant, hemp oil comes with zero neglectable THC. It’s a risk-free product to start with if you have little to no experience with Hemp CBD topicals. 

Hemp Seed Massage Oil is the best option on the market with an affordable starting price of only $5.99. It’s specially crafted with the finest of natural ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oils, Apricot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E. It manages to hydrate, moisturize, and nourish the deepest parts of your skin. It provides a slick, professional glide. Better yet, this nutrient-rich formula absorbs into the skin for deep conditioning and moisturization without a greasy residue. The Hemp seed massage oil also comes with a wide range of interesting naturally inspired fragrances for you to explore. It guarantees that your skin will smell as good as how it feels after the massage therapy.   

Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil 

If you’re in the market looking for an aromatherapy sensual massage oil for couples, hemp CBD might not come into your mind right away. However, as an excellent moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing agent, people’s interest in hemp oil-based massage oil for couples has been steadily increasing in recent years. 

Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil adds even more delightful decadence to any couple’s massage. Infused with a 100% natural blend of skin oils, including Hemp Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, the Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil provides a professional glide, while slowly absorbing to moisturize and condition your skin, without any greasy residue. It’s the perfect addition to your home spa experience with your partner. The subtle flavoring adds a sensual aroma and a playful taste to any setting of your desire. Your newly smooth and supple skin will amaze you and your partner. This massage oil is ideal for a rub and comes with a wide range of flirtatious flavors such as Strawberry, Vanilla, Cherry, and more. You can find Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil for an entry price of $5.99 online. 

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