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Miracle Oil Bundle

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Our Miracle Oil line is well known for its soothing Tea Tree oil and nourishing properties. This is why we decided to make the ideal bundle for the best bathing routine. Hydrate your scalp and take care of your skin in a single set!

Products included:

  • Miracle Oil 1 oz
  • Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shampoo 16 oz
  • Miracle Oil Tea Tree Conditioner 16 oz
  • Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shave Cream 8 oz


Miracle Oil 1 oz

Our Miracle Oil was developed with our signature ingredient, hemp seed oil, for both its beneficial properties and sustainability factor. This natural therapy tea tree and hemp is a miracle blend in itself! With high levels of Omega 3 and 6, it naturally protects, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin. Avocado and Jojoba Oils further enhance the moisturization properties, while soybean, apricot, and rosemary provide powerful antioxidants. The star ingredient of our Miracle Oil line is the Tea Tree Oil. Known for years for its calming and soothing properties, this ingredient helps with a number of skin discomforts. It’s nature’s perfect solution, found in one convenient bottle.

Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shampoo 16 oz

Our Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shampoo is a gentle shampoo that cleanses from roots to ends. Gentle enough that it won’t strip away any natural oils. Infused with its own blend of natural oils, this formula is deeply moisturizing and helps soothe the scalp irritation. The tea tree oil also helps to unclog hair follicles from any residue build-up. This will help your hair feel cleaner, lighter, and look healthier than before. Perfect for all hair types and gentle enough for daily use.

Miracle Oil Tea Tree Conditioner 16 oz

Our Miracle Oil Tea Tree Conditioner is the perfect companion to our Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shampoo — combining soothing tea tree oil with the moisturizing effects of hemp seed oil. Our botanical-rich formula helps ease the scalp, while also providing a variety of nutrients to nourish the roots and keep hair looking healthy. The natural oils help moisturize the hair to give it a smoother, softer texture, so your hair can have a shinier look. It is a natural therapy tea tree and hemp combination that will revitalize your look!

Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shave Cream 8 oz

Our Miracle Oil Shave Cream is a lightweight, creamy formula that helps keep skin smooth and hydrated while shaving. It helps act as a barrier between skin and razor to help reduce nicks and small cuts that commonly occur during the process. It also helps the surface of the skin stay moisturized with its blend of natural oils and helps reduce chances of shave bumps and other minor skin irritations with the help of tea tree oil. The result is soft and smooth skin thanks to a close, seamless shave with the help of this shave cream.

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